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Code of conduct

  1. The coordinator or subcoordinator of each institutuion has to travel.

  2. The language of communication is English.

  3. When travelling to a country, it's compulsory to attend all meetings, workshops, and visits.

  4. People won't receive the certificate of attendance unless they don't participate in all the activities (except unforeseen circumstances)

  5. The host country will write the minutes of all the meetings.

  6. Each institution will have a leader or a co-leader.

  7. Deadlines are deadlines.

  8. There will be at maximum 4 mobilities per visit.

  9. People travelling should be involved in the project.

  10. The coordinator of the host institution should be present in most of the meetings when the meeting is organized in his/ her country.

  11. The host institution has to write at least three documents: the programme, the minutes of the meetings, and the evaluation sheet adapted to the meeting and the visits.

  12. After every visit the partners will assess the visit and the host institution.

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