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- to foster the training of women aged 45+ so that they can play an active role in the public sphere.

- to learn new methods for teaching adults (women 45+); each institution will hold a minimum of 3 training sessions, aimed at improving women’s self image and increasing their involvement in society.

- to increase the participation of women 45+ in the labour market (a disadvantaged group that experiences discrimination due to gender, age, social role and limited education ).

- to improve the quality of work carried out by heterogeneous organizations involved in educational and cultural activities via a partnership between diverse participating institutions from varied countries.

-to improve integration between countries represented by the project partners via the exchange of: experiences; good practices; knowledge acquisition and new skills related to training women 45+; and by expanding the educational offerings available to organizations participating in the project.

-to benefit from the skills, knowledge and 'know how' of women aged 45+ from different countries, who will learn to transfer these talents to multiple fields.

A series of trainings sessions for women in the following fields:

-e-learning as cross-curricular training.

- bibliotherapy as a support when using books. 'Book clubs' focused on women´s literature.

- psychology – presentation of various assertive behaviors; self-image and esteem building via theatrical techniques to develop expressive abilities (these provide good exercises in introspection and positioning within the larger group).

- management of the women's own interests: bank consulting, access to labour market.

- slow food: ecology; traditional medicine.

Common activities for all organizations:

A mini e-learning course held in the participant institutions, focused on women-related issues. Each partner will prepare individual exercises (dependant on respective creativity and resources). Course participants will be the women learners; it will last two school years. After signing up via an e-learning platform (provided by the coordinator), every partner will have to do the prepared exercises. The exercises will improve the knowledge of partnership institutions’ representatives and the women learners and support innovative ITC learning methods.
The lessons will be given by qualified trainers, via workshops, lectures and other subject-oriented meetings.

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