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Оригами за Великден

Във връзка с наближаващите Великденски празници (18-21 април) Народна библиотека "П. Р. Славейков" - Велико Търново отново организира курс-лекция по Оригами - красиви и практични модели, подходящи за подарък, нетрадиционна украса или за забавление. Обучител  ще бъде гл. ас. Димитър Димитров - ИМк-БАН.

Заповядайте на 15 април (вторник) от 16 до 18 ч. в читалнята на библиотеката (ул. Ив. Ботева 2).

Великденска кошничка


Slow food and Welness

At the beginning of the last century, when our beautiful city was still the capital of Bulgaria, people were eating healthy without talking about it. Now we talk more about it than we are able to apply it in our daily routine. The reason for this is the change of feedstock (corn wheat bread GMO plants, artificial enhancers, etc.) industrialization of food (margarine, halvarine, sausages), commercial interests, and many others. The media often confuses and misinforms people when choosing healthy foods (ex. cases of infection in West Europe with E. coli in and the massive destruction of cucumbers in our country) .
Since 2011 the institution responsible for food safety is Food Safety Agency ( Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety ) and the producers ensure the food quality.
Bulgarians are happy people because we have high culture of hygiene and nutrition: we wash fruits and vegetables before eating, we don`t eat raw meat. Due to our small territory and "Natura 2000" in Bulgaria and can`t grow GMO crops, but that doesn`t mean it is not imported.
These and many other issues of concern about the quality and safety of food, justify the need of events like this for people to understand the truth about the current state of food and to teach them to be informed when making choices on what food to buy.


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