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Naukseni has started a learning course „Natural cosmetics and traditional medicine” (Dec 12, 2012)

12th December afternoon in Naukšēnu community hall smelled of essential oils, in metal containers melted plant-based fats and dozen mixers made their noise. 30 enthusiastic Naukseni district women had gathered to the first Lady cafe project lesson.

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Liene Vītoliņa, the founder and manager of "MyCosmetics” company visited us. We listened to her introductory lecture and afterwards acted in practice. At the end of lesson we got a number of good looking cans with aromatic product - body butter, which is useful after a bath or for skin protection in cold winter time.
Training cycle will last until spring. In the following classes we’ll prepare face cream, lip balm, scrub and other nice feminine things. Going through the dark winter season, story teller Liga Reitere will visit us several times. She is expert on traditional medicine, teas, infusions, extracts. We will learn about the ritual of sauna, about the strength of nature - buds, roots and grass. In spring we’ll go out to collect plants, mix them in salads, dry in teas.

Since Lady Cafe is a Grundtvig Learning Partnership project from January 30 to February 3 four Naukšēni women will travel to Ardore (Italy) to see our project partner’s activities.

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